Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wow, I've really neglected this blog lately. April has been such a crazy month for us. We got the idea in March to start looking for a house to buy. We lost out on a few along the way, but we finally have found the one for us, and are very excited about it. It hasn't been smooth sailing so far, and we've run into a few issues, but nothing that can't be dealt with. The house is a bit of a fixer upper, but luckily most of the issues are easy to fix. We are supposed to close on May 12, a day before my birthday.

Jay isn't thrilled about moving. But he seems to be warming up to the idea at least a little now. Here is a picture of him from this past weekend. We have been cleaning out our garage and starting to move some of our boxes of junk into a storage unit. Jay isn't thrilled about that storage space either. He must have asked me at least 20 times today, when we were going to the box store to get his red bed, and blocks.

We recently bought him a lofted slide bed (red bed), for his room in the new house. Right now the slide is hooked on to his train table, because he had to try it out once he saw it. He isn't smiling in this picture, but believe me he is having a blast with it.

Maybe this bed will help him sleep in his own room. Hahaha, unlikely but it's worth a try anyway.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A few Easter pictures

Okay, this entry is back dated, but it is finally posted.

We had a really nice Easter this year. J loved the egg hunt we made for him. He loved finding all the clues, with pictures drawn inside, so he could figure out where the next place would be. We stayed up so late drawing pictures and hiding eggs.

Isn't that one mean drawing of a cozy coupe?? He never got stumped up on any of the pictures, and believe me, they weren't all this good.

And here are a few pictures from just before we left to visit family.