Friday, February 29, 2008

FFF Leaping..

Well I searched through all of my photos and I think this is the closest I could find to leaping. These photos were taken around Christmas time, when we were visiting my family in New York for the holidays. It was the first time J really got to play in the snow. And of coarse he had to jump in it. He loves jumping. It was so much fun. Growing up I was never a huge fan of winter, it seemed to last forever, but now that we live in California I find myself missing winter and snow. Just a little bit.

I'm adding one more that shows his face too!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Beach pictures

Last week, we had company, the flat paper variety that is. My Aunt teaches third grade, and they do a project called Flat Stanely, so basically Stanly comes to visit for a week, and then you write the class back telling them about his adventures. Last time we were asked to help with the project, Stanley went to visit Xian while he was deployed to Iraq. His trip this time was less exciting, and he is on his way back to New York now though.

We took Stanly to the beach with us, and here are some pictures from his time with us. I wrote this post back in Feb, but never got around to finishing it until today. It was so cold at the beach, but Jay and I had an awesome time. Xian refused to even get his toes wet, it was much too cold for him.

Jay is wearing a sweater and hat that my Aunt made for him!

Friday, February 22, 2008

FFF ~then and now~

Here is the first photo we ever saw of J. He was five days old here. I can't get over how little he looks here. It would be five and a half months until we actually got to hold him in our arms, but it was love at first sight, as cliche as that sounds.

This is a picture I took on Monday. Xian's cousin gave J this bike, and he is so excited about it. He can petal his tricylce now, but he can't get this 'big boy' bike to go, yet. But he sure is persistant. He picked out that helmet all by himself too. I can't get over how much he's grown, and how big he is getting. He will be three soon, and all this time has gone by much too quickly.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day Continued...

We didn't go out to dinner for Valentine's day. It's really hard for us to go out, because we have yet to find a really good babysitter around here. But there is something nice about making a homecooked meal too. For dessert we decided to do fruit and chocolate fondu. We had never used our little fondu pot before, but it was perfect for the three of us. We only ate a little bit, and then it was time for Jay's bedtime bath and books. We really try to limit J's sweets because he has so much energy and even a little sugar gets him very excitable.

After his bath, he remembered his favorite book was downstairs, so he had to have it. Xian let him go down and get it, but when he didn't return right away, he went down to see what was holding him up, and sure enough J was enjoying the leftover chocolate in the pot! He even had chocolate under his Pj shirt. I wish I could have seen his face while he was getting into the chocolate because I'm sure he was having such a great time. So it was time for another bath, new pj's and surprisingly after all that chocolate he went to bed fairly easily!

I am not sure why all these pictures came out pretty dark. My camera battery was almost dead, so I'm lucky it worked at all. The battery was so dead that it would no longer let me look at the previews of the pictures I took. Thankfully, I've located my battery charger. J had hidden it, and it had been missing for a week or more.

Friday, February 15, 2008

FFF with Valentine's Day Pictures

My favorite photo's this week are from Valentine's day. J was crazy excited about V-day this year.

I really wanted to get him one of the Mom themed Valentine day shirts, but once he saw this shirt he had to have it. He is crazy about construction vehicles, and dirt.

Here he is puckering up, he has been in a great mood all week. We've been able to do many projects together. He made personal valentine's for all of his grandparents, but sadly we got them in the mail late, so no one has received them yet.

We picked him up a chocolate lollipop at the grocery store on Saturday, and he had to wait all week to eat it. It was his favorite topic to continue bringing up about fifty times a day. "O Idea Mama", "What is your idea J" "CHOCOLATE LOLLIPOP!!!" I was a mean mommy and made him wait until after dinner to finally have it.

I have a few more pictures from yesterday I am going to try to blog later, but for now the dishes are calling me!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bathtime fun

Bathtime is always a big hit around here. It always has been one of J's favorite times of the day. For Christmas Jadon got this crayola bath set, that came with bath tints to make the water different colors, which is how the water got such a lovely purple hue in these pictures. He is not really crazy about the bubble maker, it's a little hard to use, but he love the tints.

We went to the Learning Express to get a gift for a friend's baby, and they had a bunch of toys 30% off. We got him this little shaving kit for $5. It has a little mirror too, which he just loves to check himself out with. He's a very serious shaver. He thinks it is so cool to have his own razor. He must think it's pretty cool to spray the shaving cream too, because the other day I found it all over his comforter, and several of his toys.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Seven Strange Things About Myself

I was tagged by Janet

1. I love watching thunder and lightening storms. We had some beautiful ones in FL, but I haven't seen any here yet.

2. I've been married all of my 20's, and couldn't even legally sip wine at my own wedding.

3. I like walking through old cemeteries.

4. I love to read, we have books scattered all over our house. I'll read just about anything.

5. I even read celebrity gossip online. (I'm pretty embarressed to admit that haha)

6. I've sent a secret to Post secret Post Secret

7. I am not very organized, and when trying to accomplish things I normally need to make a list. I sometimes even make schedules for our days, even though we usually don't do anything very exciting and we never stay on task anyway.

I Tag, Sasha, Chelly, and hopefully I can think of a few other people who have yet to be tagged, but right now I can't think of anyone.

Friday, February 8, 2008

FFF ~messy face~

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I had to really look around to find a messy faced picture for this week's FFF. I can't believe how *little* he looks here. He's still does that closed eyed crazy smiling thing.

Friday, February 1, 2008


My Friday Favorite for this week, was taken on X's 31st birthday, which was Monday! We had already celebrated his birthday with his family, but I decided to make his favorite dinner, and bake him a cake for his actual birthday. J and I had a lot of fun baking that cake. It didn't turn out exactly how I'd hoped, but it was still good. J has been talking non stop about birthday's now. He sure thought it was a lot of fun trying to blow up balloons. The month of January seemed to just fly by here!