Monday, February 25, 2008

Beach pictures

Last week, we had company, the flat paper variety that is. My Aunt teaches third grade, and they do a project called Flat Stanely, so basically Stanly comes to visit for a week, and then you write the class back telling them about his adventures. Last time we were asked to help with the project, Stanley went to visit Xian while he was deployed to Iraq. His trip this time was less exciting, and he is on his way back to New York now though.

We took Stanly to the beach with us, and here are some pictures from his time with us. I wrote this post back in Feb, but never got around to finishing it until today. It was so cold at the beach, but Jay and I had an awesome time. Xian refused to even get his toes wet, it was much too cold for him.

Jay is wearing a sweater and hat that my Aunt made for him!

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