Sunday, February 10, 2008

Seven Strange Things About Myself

I was tagged by Janet

1. I love watching thunder and lightening storms. We had some beautiful ones in FL, but I haven't seen any here yet.

2. I've been married all of my 20's, and couldn't even legally sip wine at my own wedding.

3. I like walking through old cemeteries.

4. I love to read, we have books scattered all over our house. I'll read just about anything.

5. I even read celebrity gossip online. (I'm pretty embarressed to admit that haha)

6. I've sent a secret to Post secret Post Secret

7. I am not very organized, and when trying to accomplish things I normally need to make a list. I sometimes even make schedules for our days, even though we usually don't do anything very exciting and we never stay on task anyway.

I Tag, Sasha, Chelly, and hopefully I can think of a few other people who have yet to be tagged, but right now I can't think of anyone.


Janet said...

I'm intrigued by the secret post... Is it the candy hearts? ;)

Anonymous said...

I have been writing mostly at my personal blog on my site. Need me to get you the URL?