Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day Continued...

We didn't go out to dinner for Valentine's day. It's really hard for us to go out, because we have yet to find a really good babysitter around here. But there is something nice about making a homecooked meal too. For dessert we decided to do fruit and chocolate fondu. We had never used our little fondu pot before, but it was perfect for the three of us. We only ate a little bit, and then it was time for Jay's bedtime bath and books. We really try to limit J's sweets because he has so much energy and even a little sugar gets him very excitable.

After his bath, he remembered his favorite book was downstairs, so he had to have it. Xian let him go down and get it, but when he didn't return right away, he went down to see what was holding him up, and sure enough J was enjoying the leftover chocolate in the pot! He even had chocolate under his Pj shirt. I wish I could have seen his face while he was getting into the chocolate because I'm sure he was having such a great time. So it was time for another bath, new pj's and surprisingly after all that chocolate he went to bed fairly easily!

I am not sure why all these pictures came out pretty dark. My camera battery was almost dead, so I'm lucky it worked at all. The battery was so dead that it would no longer let me look at the previews of the pictures I took. Thankfully, I've located my battery charger. J had hidden it, and it had been missing for a week or more.