Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bathtime fun

Bathtime is always a big hit around here. It always has been one of J's favorite times of the day. For Christmas Jadon got this crayola bath set, that came with bath tints to make the water different colors, which is how the water got such a lovely purple hue in these pictures. He is not really crazy about the bubble maker, it's a little hard to use, but he love the tints.

We went to the Learning Express to get a gift for a friend's baby, and they had a bunch of toys 30% off. We got him this little shaving kit for $5. It has a little mirror too, which he just loves to check himself out with. He's a very serious shaver. He thinks it is so cool to have his own razor. He must think it's pretty cool to spray the shaving cream too, because the other day I found it all over his comforter, and several of his toys.


Janet said...

Oh, the shaving pictures is HILARIOUS!!! Lenci used to love her bath crayons. She's moved onto other things now...

Becca said...

I love the shaving pic!