Sunday, November 1, 2009

A long over due update

2009 has been an interesting year for us. A few months ago Xian was offered a job that took us over 2,600 miles away from our home, family, church, and friends. We have moved many times, but for some reason this move seemed just a little bit harder than normal. But we are finally settling in and once again exploring a new place and starting a new adventure.

Autumn has always been my favorite season. This was a first for Jay, finally experiencing the beautiful fall foliage.

As soon as we moved we thankfully found another Awana Chapter to be involved with! Jay is in his second year of Cubbies and LOVES it!

The pig mask is normally not part of his uniform! It was dress as your favorite bible character night. Jay was certain he wanted to be a pig from Noah's ark.

We've been taking advantage of all the touristy things that we are near now!

He wasn't thrilled to take this photo, it was very busy at the Bureau of Engraving and Imprinting, and he did not want to stand alone near that sign!

More to come soon, I hope!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Long over due Christmas update!

I'm over a month late with this entry, but figured I may as well post a few of our Christmas pictures from this year. Christmas was so much fun this year with a three year old! He was so excited about everything! He keeps asking when it will be Christmas time again. He was so disappointed when we started packing up the Christmas decorations, he really wanted to keep the tree up until next Christmas.

This year we stayed in California for the holidays. Our NY family sent many boxes to us during the month of December! Jay was so excited to get so much mail! Most of the packages had to go into the garage to wait until Christmas. He keeps hoping the mailman will continue to bring surprises to our house.


I took my own photos this year for our Christmas cards. Jay was pretty cooperative. This was our favorite for the cards! I wasn't really happy with how they turned out, but had to order them asap to get them in the mail before Christmas. He is crazy about the red monkey and candy cane pj's he is wearing in this photo. He is still wearing them all the time. Sometimes he even insists on wearing them under his clothing!


We usually get Jay's photos professionally done around the holidays. But this year we really wanted to try to cut that expense, so I took some pictures myself in our living room. This was one of my favorites of him reading a book he got from my Aunt and Uncle. We also took several family pictures, and they turned out really great! Wish these could have made it into the Christmas cards!


And here is Jay with Santa. This year we went on the Santa Train, and got to visit with Santa during a train ride. The train was all decorated for Christmas and Mrs. Claus was even there greeting everyone. It was a wonderful day, but a little chilly. Jay asked Santa for a garbage truck, jumping rope, and a grocery shop.


I had a few pictures from Christmas day I wanted to share, but sadly I can't get the cropped versions to show up on my blog. I'd rather not post pictures of our extended family here! :) So I guess this is all for today!

ARGH, I hate how the photos are not showing up correctly, but I don't have any more time to mess with this right now! Maybe later tonight!