Friday, May 7, 2010


Once again time has escaped me, and we are months without an update. We saw a lot of snow this winter, and it left us longing for the west coast.

In March, we signed up for a class at the US Botanical Gardens in DC. It was so much fun. Jay loved visiting the gardens each week. He learned so much about seeds and plants. We have just recently attempted planting our own flowers and herbs. I have never had much luck at all with keeping plants alive, so we will soon see how this will turn out. We enjoy the gardens so much we have been trying to visit each month to see what new flowers are blooming.

We are lucky to have a Cherry Blossom tree in our front yard! The trees bloomed early this year. They were so beautiful. For a while it looked like it was snowing cherry blossoms. My Aunt visited us during the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC, and she bought us all tickets to see the parade! It was so much fun! I had not been to a big parade like that before, and we all really enjoyed it. We had awesome seats near the grand stands and we got to see all of the performances!

We spent a lot of our free time at our local rec center! He has taken basketball, swimming, and gymnastic classes so far this year. I like to rotate which classes he takes each session. His favorite is basketball and he has participated in that class the last 3 sessions. They are so much fun to watch. It is basically a skills class, with some parent involvement, but they do scrimmage and it is so cute! I would like him to try soccer again next but so far his heart is still set on basketball.

There are only two weeks left of Awana! Jay's Cubbie vest is all filled in now. Next year he'll be a Sparky! He loves the Awana program and we are so happy we found a chapter for him to participate in here. We are amazed by his ability to memorize bible verses.