Friday, November 30, 2007


I thought I'd give Favorite Foto Friday a try. There has always been something about sleeping baby pictures that just make me melt. He often sleeps this way with his arms folded behind his head, looking so comfy and sweet. It kills me every time.

I know that he should really kick the binky habit soon. I'm worried he might give up sleeping all together if he didn't have his binky.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Baseball

Jay has been having an awesome time lately, playing Christmas baseball. We ordered some rather pricey Christmas wrapping paper, in a school fundraiser and when it arrived, Jay was certain it was a Christmas bat. This has been keeping him very entertained. I eventually had to hide my expensive wrapping paper, and switch it with some from big lots. So if anyone recieves gifts from us this year with crazy wrinkled and worn wrapping paper will know why!

This picture shows the ball we use! It's an inflatable Christmas tree ordament. Xian got a huge box of free stuff from a yard sale in May, and this was one of the treasures inside. I complained a lot about that box, because if you saw how full our garage is, you'd realize why I'd be annoyed!

And finally he had enough of me trying to pitch and throw the ball at the same time. NO CHEESE MAMA! He wasn't not very happy in these last two pictures. I was tempted to tell him that "THERE IS NO CRYING IN BASEBALL", but I controlled the urge and just put down the camera...

Monday, November 26, 2007

little helper

With the holidays lurking right around the corner, Jay and I had gotten into a bread making kick. He loves dumping everything into the bread maker. Once he thought it would be great fun to pushed a bunch of buttons, and reset the machine midcycle. Lots of googling later, and I figured out how to fix my bread! Besides that though, he really loves helping around the kitchen. So even thought it would be much easier for me to just do things on my own, I try to think of ways he can help out when cooking, and baking.

Here is my happy little helper!

He's not that interested in laundry sadly. And I had a lot of laundry to do on Friday. I asked him if he wanted to help me throw some towels in the dryer, but he no interest in that at all. So I went up stairs to quickly finish up the towels. I barely threw a few in, when I heard a kitchen chair moving across the floor downstairs. I think about just yelling down the stairs, but I know that wont work. If I'm out of sight there is no way he'll listen. So I run downstairs, and this is what I find. He was cracking or smashing all of our eggs. COOK MAMA, BABY JJ COOK!! At least he cracked them all in the carton so it was pretty easy to clean up. I thought it was at least a little funny so I grabbed the camera, but then after we cleaned it up, I told him how he wasn't supposed to play in the fridge.

So Xian comes home, and Jadon has started giving him a run down of our day. He is still just using a few words, but he manages to get the point across. He tells him, "DadaPapa Baby JJ cook. Egg broke. Mommy NO NO NOOOO" He changed his voice for the No part to sound pretty demon like. Xian found this funny, so he kept asking him what Mommy said. And his rendition of my voice kept sounding meaner and growly. He was really getting into it his story telling. For the record though, I seriously didn't even raise my voice.

Monday, November 19, 2007

It's that time of the year again, Santa Photos!

November is going by much too quickly here. It has been too long since I've posted here! I've been meaning to update here, but just haven't had a lot of time! At the beginning of this month we celebrated Jay's Family Day.

And in honor of his two year home anniversary I'm going to post a few older pictures too. Everytime I look at my son I still see him as my little baby boy. He still seems so small and so much a baby to me. But when I look at these pictures it really makes me realize what a big boy he is becoming. I have enjoyed every second of being his mother. He is everything I've ever dreamed of, and then some!

Here is Jay with Santa for his very first Christmas. What I really love about this photo is his outfit. I bought those overalls long before he was even born, when we were still in the paper chasing part of our adoption. It was the first baby item I bought in anticipation for our child. I still have those overalls some where around here too. I remember that Santa remarking that I should have dressed him in something more christmasy for the photo, but now I'm really glad I didn't. I think this is the only picture I have of him in that outfit!

And here he is last year around this time of the year. I was surprised he didn't cry when sitting on Santa's lap. He was going through major seperation anxiety at this time, but he was okay as long as he was clutching my cell phone. Looking at this picture I can't get over how much he has grown up in this past year. I just can't believe it.

And this picture was taken this past weekend! I was surprised he was so excited at the chance to sit on Santa's lap. He still is very weary of people so I was surprised at how great this went. We haven't even talked about Santa at all this year, so I was shocked when he was so excited, and wanted to sit on his lap. This Santa was so sweet with him too which was really nice. And we finally got a smiling picture with Santa. And I even managed to have him dressed in matching shoes this year.

I think this holiday season is going to be a lot of fun this year with him! I can't wait.