Monday, November 26, 2007

little helper

With the holidays lurking right around the corner, Jay and I had gotten into a bread making kick. He loves dumping everything into the bread maker. Once he thought it would be great fun to pushed a bunch of buttons, and reset the machine midcycle. Lots of googling later, and I figured out how to fix my bread! Besides that though, he really loves helping around the kitchen. So even thought it would be much easier for me to just do things on my own, I try to think of ways he can help out when cooking, and baking.

Here is my happy little helper!

He's not that interested in laundry sadly. And I had a lot of laundry to do on Friday. I asked him if he wanted to help me throw some towels in the dryer, but he no interest in that at all. So I went up stairs to quickly finish up the towels. I barely threw a few in, when I heard a kitchen chair moving across the floor downstairs. I think about just yelling down the stairs, but I know that wont work. If I'm out of sight there is no way he'll listen. So I run downstairs, and this is what I find. He was cracking or smashing all of our eggs. COOK MAMA, BABY JJ COOK!! At least he cracked them all in the carton so it was pretty easy to clean up. I thought it was at least a little funny so I grabbed the camera, but then after we cleaned it up, I told him how he wasn't supposed to play in the fridge.

So Xian comes home, and Jadon has started giving him a run down of our day. He is still just using a few words, but he manages to get the point across. He tells him, "DadaPapa Baby JJ cook. Egg broke. Mommy NO NO NOOOO" He changed his voice for the No part to sound pretty demon like. Xian found this funny, so he kept asking him what Mommy said. And his rendition of my voice kept sounding meaner and growly. He was really getting into it his story telling. For the record though, I seriously didn't even raise my voice.

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