Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Baseball

Jay has been having an awesome time lately, playing Christmas baseball. We ordered some rather pricey Christmas wrapping paper, in a school fundraiser and when it arrived, Jay was certain it was a Christmas bat. This has been keeping him very entertained. I eventually had to hide my expensive wrapping paper, and switch it with some from big lots. So if anyone recieves gifts from us this year with crazy wrinkled and worn wrapping paper will know why!

This picture shows the ball we use! It's an inflatable Christmas tree ordament. Xian got a huge box of free stuff from a yard sale in May, and this was one of the treasures inside. I complained a lot about that box, because if you saw how full our garage is, you'd realize why I'd be annoyed!

And finally he had enough of me trying to pitch and throw the ball at the same time. NO CHEESE MAMA! He wasn't not very happy in these last two pictures. I was tempted to tell him that "THERE IS NO CRYING IN BASEBALL", but I controlled the urge and just put down the camera...

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