Friday, February 15, 2008

FFF with Valentine's Day Pictures

My favorite photo's this week are from Valentine's day. J was crazy excited about V-day this year.

I really wanted to get him one of the Mom themed Valentine day shirts, but once he saw this shirt he had to have it. He is crazy about construction vehicles, and dirt.

Here he is puckering up, he has been in a great mood all week. We've been able to do many projects together. He made personal valentine's for all of his grandparents, but sadly we got them in the mail late, so no one has received them yet.

We picked him up a chocolate lollipop at the grocery store on Saturday, and he had to wait all week to eat it. It was his favorite topic to continue bringing up about fifty times a day. "O Idea Mama", "What is your idea J" "CHOCOLATE LOLLIPOP!!!" I was a mean mommy and made him wait until after dinner to finally have it.

I have a few more pictures from yesterday I am going to try to blog later, but for now the dishes are calling me!


Sarah said...

That t-shirt is perfect with his chocolate face! He is SOOO cute! I would love to hear his little voice!

Greta Jo said...

What a cutie.

Rachel said...

I love the Tee! My Makan needs that one...he loves playing outside and is happiest when he is completely filthy!