Friday, March 7, 2008

FFF ~ a year ago~

I stayed up way too late last night looking through all my pictures from last year. At first glance this was the only picture I could find from March and it was taken at the end of March on our way to a wedding. The more I looked the more concerned I got, because I couldn't find any pictures from February either. My camera is always on hand, I couldn't believe I'd have gone that long without snapping any pictures.

I e-mail my family pictures often, so I searched for my sent mail folder for March 2007 and sure enough some pictures came up. But I still couldn't find them on my computer. But I kept searching through all of my picture folders until I found them in a mislabeled folder. I don't have as many pictures from March and February, but I am sure glad I found them and they didn't get accidently deleted.

So here are my pictures from a year ago. We are avid readers here, so I always love to watch Jay looking at books. He is still a big book lover. His favorite books right now are anything by Sandra Boyton. Last year, he was really into the itzy bitzy spider book.

He was also convinced that this Elmo chair, was a recliner, and he'd lean back in it as far as he could.


Young Creations said...

I love that he has is so animated. What a cutie!!
Enjoy every single minute.


Sarah said...

Glad you found your pictures! He is too cute for words!

Rachel said...

Soooo cute! He is adorable.

Amy S. said...

Well...i can tell our little boy loves Elmo.....and he looks good wearing elmo too!...that's a boy for you to be determined that the elmo chair should rock. ;)

Love and Hugs...

Bus and Sabra said...

Loving him in his little Elmo shirt and chair!! We love books here, too, and they are constantly scattered all over my living room floor!! Love his handsome little smile!

Becca said...

We are fans of Sandra Boyton, too! He is adorable - love his "recliner"!

Peace and Hugs,