Thursday, October 4, 2007

Not so Terrible Two's

Everyone is always talking about the terrible two's! Well, Jadon is now 2 years and 4 months old, and I think for us the terrible times came early. Around 18 months, tantrums around here were crazy. There was all the typical behaviors like screaming, kicking, biting, thrashing around, and more screaming, all those not so fun toddler things. He could carry on for quite a long time too. We live in a townhouse and I for a while was quite worried that our neighbors would complain, and we'd be house hunting once again. But really I think we have past the worst of this age already.

But the other day, Jadon got quite upset. He wanted "more ABO Crackers Please". He is obsessed with "Very Vanilla Letter of the Day, Sesame Street Organic Cookies", and when his snack of them was gone, and I offered him fruit instead of his most favorite cookies, the tears started rolling and he started crying under the train table. I thought we might be into a long crying spell. I offered him grapes, and other snacks, but he kept on crying for the ABO crackers. Tried playing his favorite CD, and taking out the puppets, but he still wanted to stay under the table. I had my camera close by so I took the first picture. I didn't know if it would make him more upset or not, but I figured I could take the chance. I haven't had the chance to have any crying photos of him lately anyway. But who would of guessed it would have turned his mood completely around. Then he was trying to smile with all of his might! And kept begging for "more cheese please". I have dozens of photos from this time because he just got really into getting his picture taken. He was sad when my memory card ran out of pictures, but at least he was in a much happier mood then!

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