Monday, October 29, 2007

Carving pumpkins

Last night we carved pumpkins. I can't remember the last time I carved pumpkins, maybe highschool? I'm not sure, but I had forgotten how much fun it could be. We bought one of those little pumpkin carving kits, and those little knifes have come a long way! They certainly beat a kitchen knife. Jadon was very interested in the whole thing. He kept asking for a "hampkin please". He is crazy about napkins, and he doesn't really like to be dirty. But soon he forgot all about them and was having a good time cleaning out the pumpkin.

When he had had enough of pumpkin carving, it was time for a nice warm bubble bath. Xian finished up the rest of the carving, and had the pumpkins waiting for us when bathtime was over. (I am not sure why he put them on the couch like that, but Jay sure found it funny) I will have to add a picture of them lite up later!

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