Monday, October 8, 2007

We still need our afternoon nap here!

We are so excited that Grandma, Grandad, and Aunt Kelly are coming to visit. They arrive on Tuesday so Sunday was spent doing all the fun things you do when company is coming, like cleaning, getting guest room(s) ready, grocery shopping etc. And when nap time came around for little Jay, we decided to all go for a nice long swim. Maybe not the smartest idea, but it sure was fun. (Plus we figured maybe he didn't need his nap since he decided to sleep in, which is very unheard of around here)

But by the time dinner rolled around he starting to get crabby. Xian was sweet enough to offer to make dinner. After a few bites, Jay fell asleep in his highchair, still clutching his garlic bread! I had to grab the camera and snap a few pictures.

He hasn't fallen asleep on his own without books/songs/drinks of water please, in over a year. Of coarse, he wasn't out for the night, and that late 6:00 nap, kept him engergized until almost midnight!

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